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Gong Gi Tae is my man.

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found two kitties cuddling by the sea

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So I was randomly checking all my internet accounts if they are still alive. I have almost 50s accounts spreading on internet and yes… i checked one by one and stumbling over my ID and all those ffs that I wrote bringing back memories.

Well it just three titles tho and one title never completed. It was a fanon fanfiction of Harry Potter fandom; I wrote about Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson pairing (as well as Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger).

I don’t know why I really like to read this pairing fanfictions. I am a huge shipper of DraMione, I believe in the very bottom of JKR’s heart; her unconscious mind, she wanted to pair Hermione to Draco but then well.. maybe that’s only delusive theory. LOLS.

So from liking DraMione, I began to like HarPans. Maybe because years ago there are many of good HarPans ff. Fans theory about them was near possible. I remember I found a site named Pink Frilly Robe, they put quotes, facts and anything about Pansy but the site already gone now. I am so regretting that at that time I didn’t save the page now I can’t find any of detailed quotes, facts and theories about them.

I am thinking about rewriting my unfinished HarPans ff. I wrote that around 5 years ago when I wasn’t fully matured (do I have matured now anyway? lol) and when I reread that fic, I cringed.

But then if talked about rewriting, my writing skill is much better 5 years ago rather than today. Have been not writing seriously for years my writing skill is degrading slowly. (I am sorry that I think writing K-Pop centric fanfiction is somewhat not serious).

Well anyone of you liking this pairing? :)

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This is what happens when you leave TeenTop alone in hotel rooms

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me want some lovin’ huggin’ from Minsoo too!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Thank you for everything!

Thank you for everything!

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The Things That Current Generation Fans of KPop Should Know

As years continue rolling, what is made in the past slowly being forgotten. Shinhwa made in the past and still rolling until now, I understand if fans of KPop nowadays don’t know about Shinhwa nor they want to know. It’s their choice. But one thing that KPop current fans should know is KPop history; whether it is about the groups, the music or even the fandom color.

I brought this issue again because I read my twitter timeline, there was a problem between SHCJ and Winner fans about the project that Winner fans actually should held. I don’t really (want to) know about their project as I am not a fan of Winner.. the thing is they use orange lightstick.

SHCJ will always prevent (ONLY in KPop fandom sphere) other fandom to use orange, as cheering tools for any event by fans. So SHCJ told only to use any color but orange (any shade of orange, to be exact) but then they cancel the event but I heard Winner Japan fanmeeting already done. There is nothing more SHCJ can do about what has happened but prevent another event that will be hold again.

As I stated on the links above, SHCJ has been more than twice reprimanding other fandom to not use orange as cheering tools but we always got:

"Why? Why you guys fighting over a color?"

"Isn’t it just a color?"

"Color isn’t copyrighted by anyone!"


That’s why please learn KPop histories, if you don’t want to learn so don’t ever ask why.

Orange for Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo is a brand that has build for 16 years long. We only fight to protect our color JUST ONLY IN KPOP FANDOM SPHERE. (Sorry that I have to type like this).

SHCJ will never give a damn if your favorite group using orange for their album color or group name or company building. SHCJ will never give a damn with big or small company that use orange for their brand identity. SHCJ will never scold you if you use orange t-shirt or shoes.

So in my opinion, there is no need to comparing the use of orange color for fandom and outside fandom.

If you ask why other fandom can give their colors to newer group? It depends on its own fandom, SHCJ will never try to give permission. Call us egoist or anything you like. It is us, not other fandom. Moreover Shinhwa is still active until now.


"It is only for one time project for god’s sake!!!"

So can you guarantee to not use same color in other project?

If yes, continue.

If not, don’t ever try.


Imagine if you have lived with one particular fandom color for more than 10 years and there is newer fandom want to use the same color, you will:

a. Don’t let them to use your color. Keep people relate your color to your beloved group.

b. Let them for showing your fandom is generous but in the end people will relate more than 1 group after seeing your color.

You can choose.


All the best for your lovely group. May you have beautiful memories with them like what SHCJ have with Shinhwa.

Thanks <3